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Cosmetic raw materials and skin care products

GSI Europe -Import + Export GmbH presents its portfolio of cosmetic raw materials and skin care products. All of them are manufactured in Japan.

Along with our bestseller product Gold Leaf our portfolio includes unique Japanese plant extracts for various purposes such as: moisturization, anti-oxidation, anti-wrinkle, skin brightening, anti-sagging and deodorant activities, fermented sake products, Hyaluronic Acid film and sponge (new patented technology) and more.

We also offer customization on some of our products upon request.

Gold Leaf

24K, contains 99,9% Gold
Luxury touch
Best seller

Aqua Gel

Water-soluble Freeze Dry Formulation
Skin hydration, elasticity

Adiosagging (Kaki Extract)

Diospyros Kaki Leaf Extract
Anti-wrinkle properties
COSMOS approved

Aroma Water

Plant distilled water
from yuzu, plum, sakura and etc.

Asper Gold Extract

Fermentation product
Increases skin elasticity, moisturizes

FS-500 (Green Tea Extract)

Dry distilled solution from Green Tea Leaf
Absorbs unpleasant scent

Hyaluronic Acid Film and Sponge

Water soluble 100% Sodium Hyaluronate


Consists of four plant extracts
Anti-oxidant properties


Sake Lees Aging Fermented Extract derived from rice

Materra Powder

Volcanic Soil
Anti-microbial, soft cleansing


Multifunctional Polysaccharides from Japanese mushroom
Moisturizing, anti-irritation, foaming effect

Shonaj Bijin

Rice fermented extract (Sake)
Contains NFM, gives glossy effect, increases blood circulation
COSMOS approved

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