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Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor Separators

Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors are essential electronic components for many electronic products such as automobiles, home appliances and on the field of clean energy.

GSI Europe distributes capacitor separators from NKK – Nippon Kodoshi Corporation – the company with the largest market share in the world. Capacitor separators play an important role in protecting direct contacts between anode and cathode preventing short circuit. Aluminum electrolytic capacitors are for instance used in energy saving and digital home appliances, the clean energy sector or for eco-cars.

We also distribute electrolyte from SANYO CHEMICALS, which is main component for aluminum electrolytic capacitors. The product SANELEK uses a high-purity organic solvent with a low freezing point and a high boiling point while increasing the electrical conductivity by using a special amidine compound that is easily soluble in organic solvents. Further it has an extremely high degree of ion dissociation as a solute. A highly durable, high-performance, highly reliable electrolyte.

Capacitor Paper

NKK’s major products are high quality separators, paper wound with aluminum foil inside. It is known for its ultra-thinness featuring high performance which meets high requirements regarding permeability, instantaneous resistance, minuteness, or the ability to withstand voltage and electrical capacity that could store a charge.


SANYO CHEMICALS’ product SANELEK is an electrolyte for aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Due to its high electric conductivity and excellent durability, it has led to the miniaturization and increased life cycle of capacitors. Due to its strong heat resistance, it is also used for electric equipment in automobiles.

Electrolyte for aluminum electrolytic capacitors

Features: High electrical conductivity and excellent durability which can be miniaturize capacitors and increase life cycle of capacitors.

Application: Electrolytic solution on aluminum electrolytic capacitors for electric equipment such as television, automobile and other items which need high heat resistance.

Additives for aluminum electrolytic capacitors

Features: Contributes to improved withstand voltage of capacitors by minimizing the resistance drop. Excellent low-temperature characteristics.

Application: It is used as an additive for high-voltage type electrolytic capacitors for power supply applications in data centers and for home appliances.

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