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Located at the heart of European commerce in the Rhine-Ruhr area, GSI Europe has managed to extend services to customers in all of Europe and even went beyond the borders of the European Union.


With a diversified offer in several fields of chemistry, machinery, personal care and others, GSI Europe is aiming at finding the best solutions for your projects by providing high-quality services and materials.


Exclusive electric appliances and other high-quality goods developed by innovative companies in Japan for distributors of laboratory equipment, public facilities or end users.

Capacitor Materials

High performance papers that carry out the impregnation of electrolyte solution which is essential for the manufacturing of condensers.


Ready for the new generation of waterborne polyurethane crosslinker? Safe and environmentally friendly, discover your benefits for your coatings and inks.

Composite Materials

Open-yarn thin ply thermoplastic prepreg of carbon fiber or glass fiber and others, but also various composite-related materials and parts supplied with the premium quality.


As authorized distributor of Proterial, Ltd. we offer high performance BZ wires for EDM, perfectly working especially with Japanese EDM machines. We also provide machine filters renowned for its longevity, and innovative anti-corrosion powder.


Over 35 years experience of import & export machines by extensive network which involves high profile companies.

Mr. Hobby

Mr. Hobby is market leader in Japan and one of the preferred brands chosen by professional model-makers around the world. Assure yourself of our quality and check out our products!

Personal Care Ingredients

Cosmetic raw materials, formulations and skin care products made in Japan – including naturally-derived ingredients and plant extracts for moisturization, anti-oxidation and many more.


Specialized rare earth products such as Yttrium powder, Y2O3 and YOF. Excellent quality and stable supply for thermal spraying, coating and cleaning purpose.


As authorized distributor of Takemoto Oil & Fat Co. Ltd., we offer anti-static and anti-fogging agents (Elecut and Elecutmaster) and a Nucleating agent (LAK).

Con’celect Nail Care

Nail brand for professional nail artists and all amateurs fascinated by nail art. GSI founded it in 2018.

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    JEC World 2024

    5. March 2024
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    24. September 2024
    Nuremberg, DE

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    25. October 2025
    Duesseldorf, DE

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