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【Screen Printing Machine】

DP_320……Semi-automatic, table top printer

・Standard on stock

・Small size, semi-automated operation suitable for R&D

・TV monitor and camera options available

► LS-25GX ……Digitalized printing with touch panel operation

・CE Certified

・Power(AC)  200V 3Φ 50/60Hz

・Frame size 450x450mm, 550x550mm / Table Size 400x350mm / Machine Size 1,380×1,080×1,550mm

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► HP320 …Manual Hand printer

・Suitable for R&D

・Printing size 150x150mm/ Frame size 230x230mm / Machine size 425x425mm

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► Aucilirary supplies ……Frame, squegee rubber, pressure sensitive measuring device also advisable

SB Sensor advance real time monitoring of printing pressure

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NEWLONG SEIMITSU KOGYO Co., Ltd. https://www.newlong.co.jp/en/

”Progress with fine printing” – with the best partner in industry, we proviode the solution for your screen printing



【Filament Winding Machine】

Over 35 years of collaboration, we support the distribution of Filament Winding machines to Japanese market.

Roth Composite Machinery GmbH is the world leading manufacturer in the area Filament winding & Pleating. With its robust, tailor-made system, highest performance are able to be provided.


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