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Distribution of Proterial Wires, long-life filters and innovative anti-corrosion powders

GSI Europe offers a variety of EDM products to the European and Middle-Eastern market such as wires, filters, and anti-corrision powders.

Since the 1980’s, we are the authorized distributor of Japanese high-quality wires of Proterial, Ltd. (former Hitachi Metals), which is famous for its high performance, incorporating properties such as high cutting accuracy and speed. Especially working perfect with Japanese EDM Machines, its brass wire is world renowned and still being used in a high number of EDM applications.

GSI Europe also provides filters for EDM. Our filters are renown for having one of the best longevity on the European market. With its high performance, cost-less operation can be achieved.

Anti-Corrision Powder
The anti-corrosion powder is an innovative way to prevent corrosion and has many advantages over liquid alternatives, such as good cost performance and easy handling.

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