GSI Europe

Company Profile

GSI Europes basic role is serving as a specialized trading & manufacturing company that connects various partners, including manufacturers and factories, and creates added value, and at the same time, in some businesses, we combine this with manufacturer functions.

Corporate Purpose

As a “Business Producer”

seeking quality of life for the next generation ,

we realize the happiness of all the people.


GSI Europe

GSI Europe, as part of the Tokyo-based GSI Creos Corporation, is an international trading & manufacturing firm located in the European economical hub Duesseldorf, Germany – one of the biggest Japanese overseas communities in the world. We conduct business in raw materials and industrial goods with suppliers especially from Japan.

As a European subsidiary we focused for over 50 years on the import & export of high-quality specialty chemicals, personal care ingredients, machinery, microbiology goods and Mr. Hobby brand items. The global network of GSI Creos allows us to move and provide products from next to everywhere in the world, as well as help selling European products through partner companies in all economic hubs worldwide.

A localized staff with various cultural backgrounds and languages forms a close-knit team of individuals with a high degree of flexibility and professionalism.

Company Name

GSI Europe – Import + Export GmbH

Parent Company

GSI Creos Corporation


October 31, 1970

CEO / Director

Takeshi Ouchi

Office Address

Louise-Dumont-Strasse 31
40211 Duesseldorf

TEL +49 (0) 211 1665940