Finished Products for Nail Care: Our brand CON’CELECT

CON’CELECT is a nail brand for professional nail artists and all amateurs fascinated by nail art. GSI founded it in 2018.
As the combination of words “Concept” and “Select” suggests, we hope to be one of your choices when you realize your unique concept.
We have some range of products at CON’CELECT such as:

  • Nail Brushes for Gel und Shellack
  • Nail Files
  • Cleaner and Conditioner for Brushes
  • Organic Nail Oils in several long-lasting aromatic scents
  • Funny Stockings
  • Airbrush for nail polishing: Innovative technique from Japan

We are currently looking for distributors for our brand in Germany and Europe.

Contact our Con’celect Nail Care Expert

Maria Schröder +49 (0)162 337 43 53