Wrappon Portable Toilet

In 2015, GSI Europe has decided to expand into the field of care products by taking on Wrappon by Nihon-Safety. Wrappon is a completely new concept of portable toilet solutions: It does not need any water and is one of the most hygienic concepts for e.g. home care, disaster response and construction.

Wrappon portabl electrical toilet - BenefitsGSI Europe is the authorized distributor in European and Middle East for Wrappon Products.

Wrappon Trekker 3

Weighing only 12kg, Wrappon TR3 is easy to carry and easy to install. The water free application of this product makes it perfect for disaster response and construction – with its optional battery, there is no need for an active power supply.

Wrappon Everi

Wrappon Everi is specially developed for the use in caring and nursing homes.
Its focal points being ease of use and hygiene, Wrappon Everi is aiming at a new kind of personal care, be it e.g. at home or in hospitals.

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